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Full Version: Curious about upgrade
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Hey all, I'm just wondering- I just paid for the subscription since I love the plugins here, everything went smoothly, but the upgrade page says "lifetime membership" and the paypal subscription says it's billed every "5 years".
Which one is it? And if I "cancel" the subscription now (or in a year or two), will I still keep the first 5 years subscription? (I don't want my card accidentally billed, and I don't always have funds on my balance for the payment. I gather from here to 5 years I'll forget if it's set to automatic... )
I'm pretty sure you will, They put it to 5 years because they don't really expect you to be here in 5 years.
So we can cancel the subscription without any kind of problems ?
Edit: I found that you can cancel the subscription after the payment has been proccesed and approved by admin.
Wait until your funds loaded and then cancel the subscription, if you want to do so.
i am going to upgrade my self soon
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