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Full Version: How to disable negative rep for a certain usergroup?
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Just like HF, I want it so that only some usergroups can give negative reps.
Is this a plugin or is there something in the acp to toggle?
I've only seen a global setting.
I believe this can only be done with a plugin. Negative reputation can be disabled globally, but your only capable of modifying the increment of reputation able to be given or taken for custom groups.

I'm not quite sure what the plugin is although. I'll keep looking.
You can do it through the reputation.php

Find (without quotes):

And change it to (without quotes):
"$group = "3,4,6,8";
$groups = explode(",",$group);
if($mybb->settings['negrep'] || in_array($mybb->user['usergroup'],$groups))"

Just change the 3,4,6,8 with the groups that you want to allow to be able to give neg rep.

You must remember though that doing core file edits, if you upgrade the forum, you will need to change the code again after upgrading.
You can do it with a plugin.
Lol, you don't need an plugin xD,
User & Groups > Groups > The group you want to edit > Users & Permissions > Reputation System Wink

There you have full control of the Mybb reputation permissions Tongue
Still haven't found an easy way to do this.
I also saw the only global configuration. I am no longer (
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