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Full Version: More succesfull forum
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I got a new forum. A Dutch hacking forum.
Yesterday it was online. We got now 7 members.
How do i get more members? We got already HQ tutorials and posts.
That's great that you are going to have more people.
But I think we should do or post contents here by which
people may come from their own interest .
So we should make the forum interesting first .


A suggestion I always use is: Try to keep a small number of sections, and increase it as your post and user amount increases.
Or else, the forum will look empty and abandoned.
Why not just join HackForums?
(Oct 21, 2012, 10:47 AM)Glazy Wrote: [ -> ]Why not just join HackForums?

You do know this forum is to help out people with their own?
Your post was the stupidest thing I've seen on here.
May I have the site? I own a big hacking community to.
PM me~


Hi, so what do you mean by that hacking forum.Does advertising allowed there such as commercial product and services? Hope they are allowed, because other forums threat websites as spam which is in some degree very unfair.
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SEO, Unique content, Paid Advertising, Youtube, Other forums that allowed promotion of such forums.
I run a hacking forum at

I opened a webmaster section in which you can advertise your websites there


very interesting