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Full Version: - Adsense safe FREE Traffic
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Hey guys,

I'd like to show you Custom Hits.

Custom hits is a traffic exchanger that I have set up with some very unique features!

- Auto-Surf Traffic
- Anonymous (AdSense Safe!) traffic
- Free to all
- Website traffic
- Facebook Likes
- Twitter followers
- YouTube views
- Much, much more.

I am currently offering free 10 days of VIP + 100 coins membership to all who post their username on this thread.

Url -

No free traffic wont help you at all.
(Oct 12, 2012, 07:08 PM)jkry2121 Wrote: [ -> ]No free traffic wont help you at all.

All traffic will help build up your rankings on Alexa / Search engines.

The free traffic is from others using the auto-surf feature built into the site. However if you're VIP you will be receiving anonymous (adsense safe!) traffic which is perfect for all