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Full Version: [Plugin] RepFuck 1.0
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This plugin is a portover of Boxxy's RepFuck hack compiled into a entire plugin. I finished this plugin in a couple of hours and double checked everything and it's working.

I got sick and tired of having to re-apply the modifications to my forums several times, so I decided to make this plugin and make life easier for everybody. Almost no modifications required!

To install, simply upload the plugin file and activate. You're all set!

You can configure usergroup IDs who can repfuck (Default Super Mods and Admins), negative reputation message & number (so you could do -1337 rep if you wanted to satisfy yourself), or disable removal of positive reputation.

Extra Notes: You can't repfuck others who have abilities to repfuck people unless you are a super admin. Super Admins can repfuck anybody and cannot be repfucked by others.

Credits to Boxxy for the original hack.
After installing the rep fuck button the other way, you go and make this!
Just my luck.
Regardless, nice work, I'm sure it'll help a lot of people Smile
Thank you for this. I will have some fun with this.
Thanks for this Smile I will be using this on the skids on my forum c:
Hmm i get a major error when trying to deactivate -_-

Thanks for this i really needed it.
Great plugin, thanks for this!
Thanks for sharing this man Smile
oh man thank you!! I've been looking for this! Thanks OP!
Nice one, lol.
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