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Full Version: i can't download
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i can't download themes in this forum but i have 2 posts :S
Maybe you should try getting more posts and trying again.
OMG User who just join to download things...That's not how it was thought. You shall make posts to help others or even ask questions and not only that you can download things here. I saw so many useless and pointless question because they are soo easy...even for the biggest n00bs. They're just collecting posts and after 3-8 they quit because they don't care about I've made 25 posts in around 30-40 mins because I'm interested in the topic and not only interested in downloading things. (Of course I would like to know when I can download things but actually it's not even possible) so...I hope this forum will get some more mods who will keep this more clean from stupid threads and posts collectors.