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Full Version: Forum Fire
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Forum Fire is setup by me and is currently using the theme, SmoothgreyBB.
I didn't set this forum up for it to be a nice little community. I set it up purposely to gather spam
bots for my money making preferences.

If you can send spam bots, or anything to help me. It would be much appreciated!

If you'd like join and post a heap of spam. I don't mean text like "rgtfdd". I mean text that a spam
bot would post. A heap of crap advertising other shitty websites. Even showcase your own in any section.
The sections are only set up to make the forum look like a community.

I'll report back if this works!
Sweet dude, defo taking a look!
Website is down.

Please admin/mod lock this thread.
Its looking a lot better than when I first saw it.