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Full Version: [Request] Clubs/Communities Plugin
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Dear Helpful Community,

I am requesting a mod that basically allows my members to make communites or clubs for other members to join. They would create something like a group where they would set a title for the group, a logo and a description, and then they would be able to create an individual forum for their posts where only the members of that group/club could see. Hope you understand. I"m looking for similair to Orkut!

Because I don't believe in slavery or people working without being rewarded I will personally be giving this person $8. Sorry that's all I have but I guess at least it's enough for 1 month of webhosting. I will be paying via Paypal.

~Kindest Regards
I think this is what you're looking for?
Thank You. Money in your paypal?
No, that's not necessary. It was an easy find. Big Grin