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Full Version: BMW E30
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my site is a fanpage from BMW


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Please says to me your opinion to it
That's neat how you have all those symbols next to the users/groups!
It's very professional looking but I have never been a fan of copying VB for use with MyBB. I just don't see the point in it. Every VB admin tries their hardest NOT to use the default template.
nice forum...dont you think the shoutbox takes away posting by your members...???
It does bear a close resemblance to the default Vbulletin theme and is has very different scheme to the website.

Also, IMO the extra column on the forum index for the moderator is useless and looks out of place.
as people have already said it doesn look to VBish i think it can be a good idea using the VB template as people generally know how to use it and people like what they know, however it needs the colours changing the mod field removing and just generally srucing up a little
I love this car.. hey guys.. I am new here.....
Nice but I agree about the shout box. My members are all about their post stats Smile butthen again they are mostly all under 17 lol
Nice Cars.... New here.....loved your post