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Revolver 1.1

I submitted this theme to the MyBB mods site a while ago but their validation process is extremely long so I figured I may as well post it in other forums while I'm waiting.

Anyways, Revolver is a theme I originally made for ZetaBoards, but after discovering MyBB I decided I'd convert some of my works. This is my first theme for MyBB so if there are any bugs let me know and I'll do what I can to sort them out, although I haven't come across any myself.

Installation is pretty easy to figure out but I've included instructions for anyone that needs them. Please leave the copyright intact!

I hope you enjoy the theme.


Wow, That's a very nice and clean theme.
Nice theme very nice gj Big Grin
Good job !!
awesome theme my bro Smile
Good theme!
Good job!!! Big Grin
Thank you! I like the theme! Very good work)
Just what i need good work!
How nice!!Good theme!
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