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Full Version: MyBB Forum Directory - 6 Year Old Domain
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Anyone interested in this before i list on flippa?
pm me.



I no longer have the time to develop this site as I currently have many other websites and forums to keep ontop of. This has been a project I have been working on now for over a year and have spent many hours on link building, content building.

The domain name itself is a 6 year old domain which was orignally a forum of some kind listing templates and mods. I decided to make it a directory to list MyBB Forums across the web.

This is a great opportunity for someone with time on there hands to promote the site. The site just needs some more MyBB Forums adding to help with the content to increase traffic.

The directory script is Arfooo

The idea behind the directory is for MyBB Forum webmasters to pay for premium listing to list on the home pay more often. Also If they cant offer a backlink to list for free then a £1.00 listing fee is available which has been very popular with other directory websites I have setup.

This site could make a good MyBB support forum as well!
Could you give us a price range that you were looking to get for this site?
(Dec 18, 2012, 03:39 PM)HunterM Wrote: [ -> ]Could you give us a price range that you were looking to get for this site?

$50 is lote

but i will think about it
50$ is peanuts for a 6 year old domain. You should check out what websites get sold for on flippa. I sold a 3 year old cat forum for 800$ months ago
Look's a nice domain , what the bid now?
Quite tempting there mate, gonna save up Smile