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Full Version: Problems after forum migration
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Hello SF, a fellow HF member here.
I have problems with a forum I have made!
The site was originally on 000webhost but I migrated it and the MySQL DB to
I have changed the MySQL DB Info in the config.php under the directory /inc/
When a user clicks register it links to the old forums register page on the old host.
I have deleted the lock file from /install/ and tried to upgrade MyBB via /install/ but that does not help because when I enter my login info it refreshes the page and doesn't validate the login info.
The MySQL DB was backed up and downloaded via phpMyAdmin in the form of a .SQL, I then created a new DB on the new host and uploaded the .SQL and it has made a replica of the old DB and I went into /inc/config.php and changed the SQL DB info and the SQL host etc.
Can you guys please help! I am stumped