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Full Version: DarkEnd - Premium MyBB Theme
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I have developed this theme named 'DarkEnd'. I am finished everything on it and I am now putting it up for sale.

Price: $25.00

Unique CSS3 Buttons
Fading Logo. (Gets Brighter on Hover)
Gloss Theads
Linked Theads
Tables Removed
Very Clean, non sloppy css.
Fading Link Color
Logo .PSD

Index: Index

Want to buy? HMU!
nice theme.
Nice them, looks awesome. Smile
Nice theme!
could do with a little more creativity .. but overall nice skin !
As said, You need some more creativity. Looks a little bland.
Not sure its worth that much!
That looks quite nice actually, and master it must have taken him a while to put this together and make it look smooth so I'm sure it's a resemble price for him
What, this and a premium theme. I can't believe it. Tongue
I will be honest buddy, this theme needs lots of work
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