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Full Version: Post2Host World - You post it, we host it!
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Post2Host World, originally Cegee was started in 2007 by the original owner Walter. In 2009, Cegee became Post2Host World and in 2010 in May, I became the Community Manager. In late
2011, Post2Host World was forced to close. Recently, I bought the expired domains (with permission from the original owner, of course!) to recreate what brought so much joy to myself. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Post2Host World.

Instead of paying for your hosting, you post on our forum for it. Low quality posts, trolls and spammers will be banned without any question. Quality is our motto and we will stick by it. Currently, we have five shared plans and will add Reseller and Master Reseller sometime in the future when there is a need for it. (We currently have an alpha reseller for a year)

Here are our plans:
Space: 10gb
Bandwith: 100gb
MySQL Databases: 1
Addon Domains: 1
Subdomains: 1
E-Mail Accounts: 1
Other features: 1
Required Posts Per Month: 5

Space: 20gb
Bandwith: 200gb
MySQL Databases: 2
Addon Domains: 2
Subdomains: 2
E-Mail Accounts: 2
Other features: 2
Required Posts Per Month: 10

Space: 100gb
Bandwith: 1tb
MySQL Databases: 10
Addon Domains: 10
Subdomains: 10
E-Mail Accounts: 10
Other features: 10
Required Posts Per Month: 25

Space: 300gb
Bandwith: 3tb
MySQL Databases: 30
Addon Domains: 30
Subdomains: 30
E-Mail Accounts: 30
Other features: 30
Required Posts Per Month: 50

Space: Unlimited!
Bandwith: Unlimited!
MySQL Databases: Unlimited!
Addon Domains: Unlimited!
Subdomains: Unlimited!
E-Mail Accounts: Unlimited!
Other features: Unlimited!
Price Per Month: $6

Our TOS:
The following content is prohibited on our servers:
Skype Resolvers
Any content that can collect, send or recieve data maliciously
Nulled Content
High CPU usage for extended periods of time
Threatening Material
Fraudulent Content
Forgery or Impersonation
Unsolicited Content
Copyright Infringements
Collection of Private Date (Unless DPA Registered)
IRC Networks (Including all IRC Material)
Peer to Peer software
Any Adult Content
Non-english Content
Illegal materials and content

Before anyone asks, NO this is NOT offshore. All content must be legal to US standards.
Reseller and Master Reseller plans are very soon to come. We are looking for 10-20 clients to register before we release the plans.

So come check us out at Post2Host World!

Support is only given via forum, client center and the client billing software.