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Full Version: How much time take the user upgrade?
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Please, I need that some administrator read this. I purchased my upgrade, but, is not effective still.

How much time take the process? I believed that was automatic.

I think the problem is I have used different emails in forum and payment.

Thank you.
I'm starting to feel scammed Sad
I have the same issue. I purchased my upgrade the other day, have PM'd labrocca, and have heard nothing back.
Did you use PayPal as I have just done it and it was instant?
No. Google Checkout.

Did you use the same email in this forums and PayPal? Maybe this is the problem...

Thanks a lot for the reply anyway.
I see it is sorted for you now but to answer your question I did use same email so I guess that must be why it took longer
I see now you are ok Smile
Hello everyone recently i got approved by adsense for my youtube channel but i want to add adsense inside my websites too !! And its not showing ads there then i have found that i have to give the account upgrade request i have added my website and also added code there but and after a week still its not showing the ads on my that website. So i have a question in mind that how much time it will take to upgrade my account ?relationship
You really think one of the biggest forums is going to scam?
Yeah I doubt they were ever going to scam lol.
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