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NeueForums is a basic, General Chat forum, that has a place for everyone. We have a Marketplace Section, Art Section, Gaming, Computing, Programming, and more! Currently we have very few members, but we have an entire website to share.

  • Awards

  • MyTweets

  • Custom Theme (Not purchased yet)

  • Shout/Chatbox

  • Easy Referring System

  • Custom Forum Icons

And more!

Forum Details:

Website Name: Neue Forums
Website Description: Neue Forums is a General Chat forum that has a place for everyone.
Online Since: 12-24-12
Looks cool I might join. One question where did you the theme from
Joining banner exchange/ affliate ... 3) Videos on youtube - Something which I have not used till now but has proved .

New with only 6 members. Link to forum: Hope you can com.