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Full Version: Emails sent from MyBB are going to spam. Help?
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Title says it all. I bought a database from someone (waste of money) and literally one person signed up and posted an introduction. Never heard from them again. This database had 380 users. I was told most were active... may have gotten scammed.

BUT I also noticed that all of the Hotmail registered accounts would have gotten my email in their spam. As well as it's likely a few gmails got it in spam because I somehow found one of my forum's emails in my gmail spam.

How do you avoid the death pit of the spam box?
Ya, I tried a few things. Still having members sign up and never activate.
No idea :/
Explaination : The reason is not because you bought DB, but it is because the host that you are using is banned. Check your ip at
If you need a solution for it then purchase a separate email hosting, i will suggest go with amazon email hosting, which is best.
found a lot of useful and interesting information, thank you guys!
(Oct 31, 2016, 05:59 AM)malkova Wrote: [ -> ]found a lot of useful and interesting information, thank you guys!

Need to add SPF records along with DSKIM more than likely. Nothing to do with the host being banned or anything like that, just the general authentication is failing.
just check yoiur spam folder