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Hello, I am here to introduce my new site. This forum focuses on two major sections. Graphics and gaming, hence the name "creative gaming." I would like an honest review about it.

Here are some of the features Creative Gaming offers:
  • Custom theme
  • Awards
  • Friendly environment
  • Open staff positions
  • Alerts

Nothing too special, I know. However with more members and everyone spreading information, the forum will be filled with content. There are some tweaks and what not I'll be doing, but decided to release it now. I think it's finished to that regard.

I am not begging anyone to join up, just wanting reviews, so say what's on your mind and help me improve my forum!

What upgrade plugin do you use?
Welcome to Creative Gamer's we got the topics like Counter Strike, Trailer's of upcoming games 2012/13.

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(Feb 19, 2013, 10:57 AM)ilcrba Wrote: [ -> ]What upgrade plugin do you use?

It's not a plug in. I made a custom page.
This theme is absolutely amazing, I love it.
The logo and tabs are right on!