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Full Version: Howdy
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I'm Sandman, twenty-one year old from Kansas and new to MyBB. I've been working on a play-by-post sci-fi project for quite some time and was finally able to make it a reality after returning home from the Army. I'm still getting the hang of the software and I'm paired up with a pretty good host who knows quite a bit. Looking to subscribe here soon Wink

Aside from business, I use to play football and run track in college, I'm currently back in school but no longer participate in athletics due to a head injury. I love football, writing, and all things redneck.

That is all Smile
Welcome Sandman Big Grin If you need help with Mybb, I can help with almost anything Big Grin
Wow, awesome! I truly appreciate it; I'll give you an add to Skype later tonight, it'd be nice to have someone who knows a thing or two on standby.
Welcome Sandman...Big Grin
Howdy sir.
I am also new here.
Hey to you two as well, thanks for the welcome!
Welcome Sandman