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Full Version: Hello all
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Hi guys, I thought I would just say a quick "hello"

I'm very new to the forum building world and also to MYBB. Have been administrating on a forum that was built by another guy on Forumotion but he is no longer around and we are having problems with the free hosts with restrictions on certain features such as "latest Posts" option.

So we have decided to move to a new host and build a new forum. Problem is we cannot take the database as they wont release it, so will have to start from scratch. Not sure if I'm allowed to mention our present site, but we are slowly trying to learn the ins and outs of building a forum using MYBB.

I'm very impressed with it so far and I found this site while browsing for plugins so no doubt I will be making some use of whats on offer here.

Cheers! Smile