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Full Version: [Paypal, LR & Payza] JillsClickCorner autoclicker. Earn money on autopilot!
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[Image: jills.jpg]

Here is yet another method by yours dearly.
It is very simple and you only need to turn this on every day you open your computer, and it will automatically earn you money!
Payout in Liberty Reserve, Paypal, Payza and more.

To keep it simple I will show you all the steps.
Step one
Register an account at JillsClickCorner here:
Then verify your email address and go back to JillsClickCorner

Step Two
Download this autoclicker:

Step Three
Launch JillsClickCorner autoclicker and log in within the program.
Then click 'Menu' in the top left corner and click the 'Start' button.

This will begin the autoclicking.
Now wait a couple of seconds and it should begin.
You will have to complete the first Captcha and choose the right result from the dropdown menu.
After this it will do it automatically.

Step Four
Run this tool every day when you start your computer and you will soon be able to cash out
Now sit back, relax and do whatever you normally do!

Resume Function: If the bot has clicked all the ads available at that moment, it'll stop clicking ads and after 15 minutes it'll check for the ads again (you don't have to do the entire process again)

You can withdraw by choosing one of the methods below.

Minimum $0.10

Minimum $0.10

Minimum $1.00

Minimum $1.06

Minimum $1.00