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Full Version: My German Car Forum
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Opinions welcomed.

Oh, can anyone help me get onto Google?? I submitted the URL to Google way back in November '07, the GoogleBot comes on occasionally but there are still no pages in the index - yet I submitted my URL to Yahoo! in March or sometime near then, and there's currently 175 pages on Yahoo!, the Yahoo! Slurp hardly leaves my forum now... does anyone know why it hasn't been added by Google??

All opinions/help will be appreciated.

Very Nice Forum I like the Topic German Cars are awesome
Thank you.
awesome Wink
Yeah Smile

Nice Forum...
Did you look at it when the server was being transfered... coz it's back now if you did.
pretty interesting design, maybe change up the logo to something a little bit more modern?
Yeah the logo is the one thing I really don't like, but I only have Paint so can't do much really Sad