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Full Version: One question...
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Is it possible for 2 + 2 to ever equal fish? Cool
The Inner Machinations of my mind are an enigma.
1+1=Dog, so yes.
what u r doing guys?
As I know that 2+2= 4 or 2+2 = 5. I can prove it very easily. But Fish and dog??? I do not understand want you guys are doing??? In the mathematics I heard about integer, floater, decimal but not any animal.

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3+3 = cat.

so 2+2 = fish.

Cat is more superior so it's bigger Smile

Hope I helped!
If 2+2=fish then my only rational as to how 2+2 can not equal fish is that 1+1 must also, undoubtedly, equal fish.
No need to thank me. I know I solved it for you. Cool