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•Link to Grand Forums

We will be holding a giveaway and Many Contests soon Smile

•About Grand Forums•
Grand Forums is a forum dedicated to Monetizing, Leaking & Computing. This forum is solemnly ran and founded by me! I know there are many forums around, but Grand Forums has Many Exclusive Guides.GrandForums is the easier way to Earn Money! Wink

•Extra Information•
While it may not seem like much at first, it is always good to take new chances. In the future, there is always a possibility of my forum becoming big, or anyone else forum. How cool would it be to be a member on a forum where you will have access to many VIP&Exclusive Content.
The easier way to earn money Online !

•What we are looking for•
[♥] Bug Finders!
[♥] New ideas to improve!
[♥] HQ and Active Members!

Thank you for Joining…
Would be great if there were a link Wink
I think you should change the slogan.. its pretty weird.
Shouldn't this be posted in the feedback section?