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Full Version: myBB Forum Permission Errors
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I have a thread on the myBB forums, but support can be so slow someone IRL recommended I try some other sites like this one.

The Error

Everytime I create a new forum, alter permissions of a forum or add a usergroup (which therefore alters permissions of exiting forums) it gives the following error on Chrome.

[Image: ServerError1_zps4417fb54.png]

When I alter a forums permissions sometimes it does not work, even though the little slider bar is correctly displayed. Right now I have a forum that is set to completely hidden from all usergroups and I can still access it.

While going through this list the website gave me the same error for rebuilding the forumpermissions cache. This particular cache is reported as 4.95mb. I CAN rebuild all the other caches.

It's important to note here that I can sometimes rebuild this cache, and when I do it seems permissions seem to start working properly if previously set. For example I set below in the Database section, FID 503 suddenly went invisible to me after clearing the cache.

Therefore I believe the problem resides in the forumpermissions cache

Server Error Log

The server error log (retrieved via PLESK) has no errors that correspond to these events, in fact the server error log only has file missing (some .png image from ArrowChat toolbar) from my IP.

Steps Taken
  • Checked, Analysed, Repaired & Optimized tables under phpMyAdmin
    • mybb_forumpermissions
    • mybb_forums
    • mybb_usergroups
  • Disabled the only plugin added in the last two months (mySubscriptions by Ethan)
  • Deleted forums and usergroups in case the SQL statement had exceeded size

I have noticed my database contains information for all 503 forums/subcategories we have ever had, and also for 98 groups (of which we only have about 25 active right now, the rest were deleted as they became redundant). It seems when it deletes a group it does not assign that as a null spot that can be reoccupied.

I also noticed that the correct forum permissions are being added to the table. Right now I have a test forum with ID 503, all groups are set to not see it and it's GID "canview" entries are 0 for all groups - yet I can still see it.

The Pathetic Pleading Part
We are a community hub for a variety of guilds, each has a private forum under their usergroup that they manage exclusively, while remaining a part of the larger community. This inability to alter forums is crippling our business - I would really appreciate any help and will reply to any requests for info asap; however, since I am in New Zealand please understand there may be some delays.
Thanks mate.