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What is LoungeBoards?
That's right. Another forum site has been launched, and it's name is Lounge Boards. Dissucssion on Lounge Boards will cover everything from sports, to web development, to monetizing, and more. The discussion categories are always growing along with the site.

Why LoungeBoards?
Lounge Boards is a place where you can come and just chill with other members of the site along with having some relaxing duscussions and more. On Lounge Boards, you can find almost anything.

What kind of plugins do you have?
We choose plugins that won't slow the forum down but increase features throughout the forum. We have Awards, Like System(Coming Soon!), and security additions. We also have Username History, View Reported Posts.

How secure is the forum and server?
Can't say too much without giving out hints of what we've done but we are secure and no breaches have happened for 7 months now.

  • Custom Theme
  • Custom Plugins
  • Great Member & Staff Team
  • Wide range of forums
  • 3 Premium Upgrade Groups
  • Active contests & giveaways
  • Fully Custom, Unique Like System (Coming Soon!)
  • Security Additions
    • IP History Logged - View up to 5 recent IPs user has logged in with
    • Session Tracker - If 2 diff. computers logged in at once, it notifies both parties(Helps with tracking hacked accounts)
    • And More...