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Full Version: Play-by-Post GM
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Hi all, the nick is "Larathiel" (aka Laithoron) and I was directed here by some forums posts at the main MyBB forums.

Basically, I'm hoping to migrate my Pathfinder RPG play-by-post game from the forums to a site of my own. Paizo's a great company and their forums are friendly and well-moderated, but I just really need a bit more flexibility than is possible to provide on such a large site.

The one missing piece to the puzzle however is a GOOD dice-roller. Paizo has one of the best out there (example) and I'm hoping that the well-reviewed one on this site will fit the bill.

Wish me luck!

Oof... Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this mod will do at all. A shame that the preview pics cannot be seen until after paying to register.

Labrocca, how much would it cost for you to develop a dice-roller similar to the one I linked to in my 1st post? I can provide a more in-depth description if need be...