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Lounge Junkies is the newest Community created by me. We are community dedicated to coverage of various topics, including General Discussion, Gaming, Computing, Webmastery & Graphics. A majority of our users like Chillin and are willing to help you with any help you need. We have active & friendly discussions. We have gained a decent amount of posts, considering that we were launched less than 24 hours ago and we have a decent number of active users.

And of course like any new site, I am in need of a few things to help it take off.

1. Members - Without members, a forum is useless, right?

2. Suggestions - I have done as much as I wanted to do to the site as I could, there are tweaks here and there but the rest I want member's opinions.

3. Bug hunters - Help me find bugs within the forum that I may have missed.

4. Active Gamers & Aspiring Discussions.

About Our Forum Layout:

Our theme is a custom theme coded and designed by myself. The theme gives the users the feeling of a good foruming and as we progress, a new theme will be added, along with better features. And ofcourse, any improvements are welcome.

Our sections are organised to match our niche. We have a decent number of sections with quality content, tutorials and reviews.

Awards System:

Our Forum consits of an Award system coded by Jesse Labrocca of MyBB Central which allows us to reward users for their contributions, starting from Posting Awards to Promotional Videos & Tutorials.

Groups & Userbars:

I have been asked this often. Atm, we've a Prestige Group which can be upgraded to by acquiring a total of 500 Tokens. When we reach 500 Posts, our first group will be released and will be up for a giveaway. We also have a Top Posters group to which members are automatically promoted when they reach certain posts. Our Userbars are made by Theft of FK & Stars by McLovin. And there will be Staff openings when we have a good amount of activity.


Posts: 220
Members: 18
Threads: 66

Last but not the least, hope to see you guys in there. My username on the Forums is Galaxy. Refer me when joining.

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