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Full Version: Inline Ads
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This mod works great. It is fully tested for 1.2 of mybb. The only negative is if you want to change your seperator you will need to edit the code inside of inline_ads.php (very easy 1 line).

no core file changes and only 1 automated template change
you can align the inline ads left, right, or center
Ability to turn on and off in board settings
3 ways to place the code (after first post only, after X posts, after first post plus every X posts)
Ability to exempt groups and forum id's from ads. (version 2 addition)

1. Save the attached file inline_ads.php and upload to your inc/plugins/ directory.
2. Activate plugin within your admincp.
3. Change settings in admincp under "Board Settings". You should see a "Inline Ads" setting group near the bottom. There you can add your full adsense code (ypn, chitika or any html code) and change other parameters.

Contact me if you need help and I will do my best to assist you. I may also update this for Google Adsense Revenue Sharing.

Thanks so Much LabroccaWink
Not a problem. Thanks.
Yep thank you very much Jes, this is an excellent plugin, very easy to use, I have used it on 2 sites already!
well, i searched for this a long time,
now i can finance my board-traffic! ^_^
thank you
really nice.
top little mod Wink
will this also take hidden code i.e site trackers and countersWink
markrday Wrote:will this also take hidden code i.e site trackers and countersWink

It should really take any code you have actually except php of course. Javascript, html, and xhtml should all work.

Let me know if you have problems.

btw if you want to add a site tracker or counter..I suggest using my new google analytics plugin and changing the code to suit your needs. If you need to PM me the code you wish implemented and I can easily edit the file for you.
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