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Full Version: Infinity Theme (New JQuery custom theme) (25$)
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Hey guys, I lately been working on a new theme a.k.a my forum. Well I was too excited about this, so I started working on a theme. Well the results were great, my 3 friends actually loved it ? Well yeah, its gonna be for sale (Public), as I need some money aswell Smile

[Image: f399eec18a11351aac06abef9352926c.png]

What does it include?
  • Modal Login Box
  • Scroll To Top
  • JQuery Tabs in User Profiles
  • JQuery Tipsy
  • Custom Scrollbar
And more but can't rmb

How to buy?
Skype: live:mr.carter
PM Me.

Hope you like it too Smile
what is modal login means?
(Jun 14, 2013, 11:22 AM)meethere Wrote: [ -> ]what is modal login means?

Go ahead and click that "Login" link Smile Its like an popup login box Smile
then why POPUP is called MODAL ?
(Jun 15, 2013, 11:59 AM)meethere Wrote: [ -> ]then why POPUP is called MODAL ?

Well, the JQuery plugin is called "Login Modal". Smile
That is the rip of theme, seriously man and that too 25$
(Jun 16, 2013, 12:51 AM)Verilog Wrote: [ -> ]That is the rip of theme, seriously man and that too 25$

Lol! its not ! Go look at the source files, nothing from!
I hope that it isn't the rip of :/
thats unreal
well the site seems to be down so i can't really see the theme could you upload some screenshots then of the theme?
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