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Full Version: Just an introduction
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Hey guys. Just stumbled across the forums and decided to join to see what's up.

I looked around and saw a lot of people posting in this section that the website is dead so I hope that's not the case.

But anyways, I'd just like to introduce myself. My name is Tim (if you haven't been able to tell by my username) and I am a forum enthusiast. I enjoy hosting forums and communities in general! I've hosted a few gaming communities back in my day but since I've aged, I've parted from gaming and have been trying to start a more serious / long living community. I've run into a few ideas that have been shot down within a few weeks as I realized they weren't going to pan out. I'm still looking for that gold mine of an idea. If anyone is interested in starting up a forum or anything, let me know as I have nothing to do for the summer while college is out.

Hope to see you guys around,