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Full Version: Hello :)
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Hi! An introduction is always polite, right? So.. lets gets started Tongue

I'm Jonas, I'm 20 and from Denmark. I've started using MyBB a few weeks ago, where I've brought an old project back to life. A Q&A website turned into one big off-topic forum. It's running on a stock theme, and I don't really intend to adjust it. I can't (nor wont) pay someone else to do it, and I know if I fiddle with it myself, it'll mess up badly Smile But I like it as is. It's clean and bright. Smile

In my spare time, I used to play World of Tanks, but had to quit it temporary, because my current pc can't play it anymore. Old junk.. So my forum is my hope to make some money, so I can get a new and better one.

I think that's about it. Smile

Edit: Totally forgot I could link to my MyBB site, so if you'd like to take a look at my completely stock forum with no specific niche, here's the link. Wink
Welcome to the forums!