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Full Version: Discussion Zone - Virtual Stock Market - Cycling Userbars - More Custom Plugins!
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Discussion Zone is a general discussion community forum. Yes, that's correct.. We're just another forum that lets you speak about any topic you would like to speak of. Discussion Zone has a lot of perks and advantages when joining it. I'll list them below for you:
  • We're a new forum so we're constantly looking out for staff worthy members
  • You can upgrade three times in total
  • There's a bunch of handsome looking awards for you to whore
  • We're an up-to-date forum; we're constantly making changes (good ones)
  • We host on average one contest/giveaway per week
  • Our forum's acitivty is crazy, users must like us
    And a lot more
We average 30 members online and active every night!
Through the day it's a bit calmer: