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[Image: banner.png] is a Runescape Bug Abuse forum. We specialize in RSPS, and even real RuneScape bug abuse. We have some very experienced members. This forum is exclusive, and only members who do not seem to be leechers will be accepted.

-Sleek Design
-Active Community
-Knowledgeable members
-Private sections just for the skilled members.
-General Forums
-Scammers are dealt with
-And much more.

Our current staff:
Poliwag (Owner)
Sprite (co-owner)
The Plague Doctor (Staff)

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Note: When we hit 500 members, registration will be closed. Will be invite only. After that fact, everyone who registered (all 500) will need to make an application and get accepted personally by me. If you are just here to leech, just go. You will not stay long.

Support us:

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