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Full Version: RelaxForums! Kick Your Feet Up! - Reviews and Feedback
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Hello and welcome to RelaxForums, on behalf of all the members and staff we appreciate you giving this thread a look!
RelaxForums is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself when you need to getaway. When you're in need of somewhere to get away and just forget about the world for a little bit than this is the forum for you. We're all about giving people a place to go when they need it, when they need somewhere to just forget about whatever it is.

We have tons to do but just to give you an example here's a list:
  • Earn cool awards
  • Join our recruitment contest and get a free upgrade
  • There are three upgrades in total
  • Relax and enjoy yourself
  • We have over 2.2k posts in less then 30 days.

So when you're in need come on over and find us, we'll be there. Come enjoy yourself and Kick Your Feet Up for a little bit!