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Full Version: Request Myps Casino
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Casino mod if it can be done where users bet on the points i know it would be like my bets but the users have a seprate url to go to it and there will be bet on a color black or blue or something and bet points where user can select how many points the want to bet and any user can take the bet if they have the amount of points

also could it be for only a certain group

can we download
It doesn't exist, so no, you can't download it. Wink
HAhahaha, Is he asking for one to be made?
it would be good
Labrocca is planning to make such a plugin.
tnx guest2020

دمتون گرم

ببخشید این پلاگین امتیاز دهی برای Mybb کجاست؟
Yea get moving Labrocca. We are all waiting for this.
Just joking mate. But it would be great to see and yes i know you are working on it.
Its been a slow post day what can i say.
It's all going well now actually. I have updated a lot of my important plugins that I need. Now I can actually get working on MYPS and it's add-ons. It's really hard to decide sometime what to work on next.
lol, this would be an excellent idea
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