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Full Version: Tabbed Menu Problem
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I have it all set up correctly but when I enable guest or anyone not logged in to see my forum they are not able to use the tabs all the forum categories are on one page and the tabs wont work for them. Any idea why this it is doing that? I am wanting to complete this so that I can migrate my users from another forum of mine to this one. But I need to figure this out before I do. I have read and check everything on the plugin page and here "Common Tabbed Menu Problems and Solutions" thread.

My forum is
i have the same problem.... someone answer us
(Aug 29, 2013, 07:18 PM)mathewscott Wrote: [ -> ]i have the same problem.... someone answer us

In order to get the plugin I was referring to you must upgrade to a subscriber here at mybbcentral. I have already figured out what my problem was. I had a forum set to only a select user groups but had it inactive so the tab was there but all the tabs wouldnt work unless you where signed in. Its been fixed.