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Full Version: Verify Icon/Blue Badge like Facebook and Twitter
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I was just wondering if there was any way to "Verify" an account like Twitter and Facebook do. I saw a forum once that verified accounts who had a single name, for example "John". Anyways, I only want administrators have the permission to Verify them. Any way this could be done?

I tried My Awards, which actually worked and showed people a verify badge on their posts but on the profile it only said "Show badges". I tried to find a way to display only the badge itself if the user was "verified" or had this badge on their profile.

Anyways, here's a picture of what I mean:
[Image: 29atsaw.jpg]
Make a group for people who are verified.

Then in the Admin CP
Go to User & Groups

At Username Style enter

<span style="YOUR STYLING HERE">{username} <img src="imagesourcehere.png" alt="alttext" /></span>