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Full Version: My MyBB registration is not working correctly.
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My MyBB registration is not working correctly.

I need some help. I have set up my new MyBB to require an email notification, but when I tested it, it allowed a new account to be created and never sent an email notificiation.

This is the setting in the Control Panel of the Admin:

I just remoted to another computer many miles away. I registered a new test account. It said I needed to check my email to verify registration. I waited and I never got an email verification for registration. Then I tried loging in with the new test account and I got access. This is a big problem I need fixed right away.

Fixing this problem might go above and beyond what is expected of a typical CMS support forum. How do I dig into the code to debug this problem?
Did you try to delete et re-install the mybb forum?