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Full Version: Theme help with possible pay
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I might get more help posting here rather than at the MyBB forums since this site is dedicated to themes. I'm in the process of making a website theme, and I thought it would be good to transform the theme to work with MyBB. The first thing is that the site needs to look decent. That's where the first bit of help comes in. I'm not so great at making good looking themes. The second bit of help will be to take the theme and make it so it becomes a MyBB theme, and whoever helps will get their due credit.

You can see what I currently have at:

** Off the back **
- I definitely like the galaxy background I added for the right side, but now the grey seems to plain to go with it. Also, I can't get the post_footer to cover all of it's content.
Nor can I get "New Post Title" and "Posted by:" on the same line. (Posted by is supposed to be floating right, but be at the top of the div)