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Full Version: I!i!i!i!I <>-[MineHax]-<> I!i!i!i!I Coding/Hacking Community.
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This is MineHax - A Minecraft Based Hacking Community.

I founded this site a few days ago, And it runs off of MyBB so what better place to advertise it other than this site!

We are like a combination of HackForums and MyBBCentral

I also need a forum team and a wide array of members.

If you show any prior forum knowladge, That will raise you chances on being staff.
It's almost as if it is a contest, where one hacker takes down a computer network, and then they brag about it. So another hacker comes along and tries to do a one ups-man-ship on the last. Lately the attacks on the United States Military and government computer systems seem to be coming from state-sponsored Chinese military efforts, and they do not appear to be individual citizens out having fun, or innocent teenagers trying to prove that they are the best hacker in the world.

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The forum is going no where until you get a paid domain and paid hosting. Nice theme though. Also, XenoForo? On MyBB Forum? Hm