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Full Version: tabbed menu
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in my forums i have installed tabbed menu plugin from mybb central but the problem is i am getting these kinds of tabs

but i want to change the colors of the tab as per theme how can i do so? :huh:
readme.txt Wrote:... This adds a CSS to your database called tabbed.css. It should be in your theme listing for css in admincp.
You can alter that css for custom changes. Currently the css uses the images/thead_bg.gif as the background image.
Alter to suit your needs. You can run multiple templates and have a different menu for each by altering the tabbed.css.
If your theme does not have the tabbed.css installed please take the text out of the file inside the extras folder and paste it.
extras/tabbed.css is the file just in case you need it
Yeah thats cool enoguh bro :d
You need to style them via CSS in tabbed.css