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Full Version: MyBB Mobile Forum – How to make your forum work best on portable Devices
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I wrote an article on my blog and thought i should share it as well, if you don't know than it will be useful for you.
MyBB forum is one of the best free forum software available in market these days. It will always be free but being free it has lot of advantages and one of them is the amount of plugins being developed for it everyday. In this article i will tell you how to get your forum work best on mobile and handhelds without going into much trouble. There are three options that are available for you which can make your forum optimized for mobile and handheld devices.

First one is MyBB-GoMobile
It is my favorite plugin present at MyBB mods and it is the best way to make your site work on handheld devices. Being free and easy to install is one of its key points. Infact, you can even customize the plugin to your needs and make it fit to your complete site, we at can also do this for you if you want. You can get MyBB-GoMobile from here. mobile 200x300 MyBB Mobile Forum How to make your forum work best on portable Devices

It is a great plugin and gives you complete features of MyBB on your device. It can increase your pagespeed loading time and improve your forum to give edge from other competitors. It will give you a mobile version of your site which is highly optimized and low on page size. When i used this plugin on my forum i found the loading time reduced to 70% which is a really great thing.

Second one is Tapatalk

Tapatalk is also one of the mybb plugin which provides your forum an interface of application to access your site on mobile device. It is really nice and many big communities use this plugin. Check Tapatalk here

I don’t use tapatalk because it has been on of the plugin which was found to be vulnerable and it is also paid application on play store, so my forum users will have to pay to use this application.

Third One is ForumRunner

ForumRunner is also like tapatalk and has interface of an application. You can use this application to make your forum ported on an application. It has branding and non branding options where you can chose to create custom application or use default application. You can check it out here

If i have to chose then undoubtedly i will go with MyBB-GoMobile as other applications are good but GoMobile is way better than any of the alternative.

There is also option that you can have responsive theme developed by us for your forum and you can request that from our request page.

I hope you like this article and make your site mobile Optimized
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