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[Image: 34d3eedb12.png]

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to EliteVIP, a small but active and friendly community that has kept of the radar when it comes to large forums, but makes up in high-quality and never before seen leaks as well as an EXTREMELY friendly and close-knit community.

Plus, we have a full custom theme installed and ready to go, as well as a Virtual Economy. Also, we will be adding a gambling and lottery plugin soon, so stay posted.

So if you want to get an OG username and start whoring credits for the release of the gambling plugin, REGISTER TODAY.

site is slow Sad
Thanks. I visited your site and found a new plugin I like!
Theme is amazing!

I see potential!
Nice site.

But I suggest making it possible for guests to see the site rules. (Not only the account rules)