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Full Version: CS_RED Theme
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// Original Copyright :: Please Read
Quote:You are allowed to use this phpBB style only if you agree to the following conditions:
- You cannot remove copyright notices without permission.
- You cannot use images from this style anywhere else without permission.
- You can convert this style to another software for your use, but converted style must have full copyrights.
- You can modify style as much as you want, but you may not remove copyright notices.

This phpBB style was originally designed by Andrei Gordeev (Freestyle XL) with help from Vjacheslav Trushkin (CyberAlien).
It is currently being updated and supported by Vjacheslav Trushkin (CyberAlien).
For support and updates visit

//Additional Copyright
This theme converted to MyBB by Jesse Labrocca.

You agree by using this theme that you will follow the copyright for original author as well as leave the updated copyright link to Mybb Central.

Please respect our work.
Thank you.


1. Upload the images folder (allow overwrites)
2. In admincp upload the extras/csred-theme.xml
3. (optional) make the csred the default template
4. (optional) editable logo is in extras folder

Ah! One of the best Themes I've ever seen. Congratulations, keep it up and thank you theme EVER
Thank you very much! i am a newbie in this but almost understand php =)
Hey, how i can put this theme in my forum?? help plz
thank you
sajex Wrote:Hey, how i can put this theme in my forum?? help plz

Instructions are in the post. It's incredibly easy to install.
thanx man i love it
good for mine forum
looks great...thanks
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