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[Image: logo.png]

DiverseBox, the forum previously owned by Wonders, has been relaunched with a brand new owner and great new features!

If you are looking for a general-discussion forum with a great vibe and a friendly community, then DiverseBox is the place for you. We launched the forum earlier in the week, so there's still tweaks being made, but the forum's activity seems to be increasing by the day, as new registrants join and begin posting.

Now's your chance to grab a UID below fifty, too! Once DiverseBox becomes larger, you will regret now registering at an earlier stage. :biggrin:

$10.00 REFERRAL CONTEST! [Image: AQ1aSl5.png]

  • Awards which can be obtained for completing various tasks
  • Custom forum theme, designed by Rihtar
  • Gambling system
  • Weekly contests
  • Friendly and active community
  • Numerous custom plugins arriving in the upcoming updates!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register on DiverseBox today!

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the forum, post them below!

Good luck with the site villain Smile
Best of luck with this. Looks like a very friendly forum.
Ew looks pretty bad.
The Theme is alright.

Other than that Good Luck!