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Full Version: Module Suggestion - Prediction system - Winner/Looser/Draw
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First, thanks for MyPS Mod and all your effort in made it possible to us Cool

I dont write english very well and will keep it things quick and I expect, clear

In my board we like soccer a lot, and every year we make a Prediction with users interaction for games in Seria A Brazilian Football League - a.k.a. "Brasileirão Serie A"

Round 1: 10 games - ppl bet (with forum $$ of course, not real) in each game in [Home] - [Draw] or [Away] Team

Each confirmed winner/ddraw to that user bet will fill a point system, like 3 ponts per result.

There are 20 teams, 38 rounds and a ranking between the users updated every week.

All that is made manually nowadays. My question is: this could be handled like a Module to myps?

Well, I guess you could program it by php!
You want mybet.
thanks labrocca I´ll test mybet
MyBet doesn't has a userbased ranking system =P
And you can't give 'points' if a user has the bet correct; he just gains extra myps =P
But i do have something to could be usefull; its called MyLeague [ // Not finished ! ; screens or from the backend ... frontend where users can place there bet + ranking aint done yet ]
You can create your own league; with his teams and create matchdays every week.
Thanks LeX for chiming in.
amazing Lex i´ll be waiting that release then
forget it..