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I have a question, how many different forum hosters/providers did you guys go through before using MyBB? I first had a Bravenet forum (bloody horrible!) then an InvisionFree one, which was okay, but lacking in functionality, and then I had a Forumotion one, and it was so simply that I didn't like it. Tongue So what's your story? Did you go for MyBB right away? Or did you go through some others first?
I doubt I can actually remember all the ones i've used....But I remember a few....

Invisionfree, phpbb2 and 3, a payed invision forum....Wow, I remember less of them than I thought, could have sworn there was more than that, lol.
I had a old phpbb one, then we moved to invisionfree, then a new phpbb, then finally MyBB. They were all very simple, nothing like MyBB.


I started out on Proboards, then went to phpBB, and then to SMF and MyBB. All of my forums I run now are either SMF or MyBB (I can't choose between them lol).
I went from phpBB3 to vbulletin, to MyBB. I have to say, MyBB beats all! Big Grin
I'm new to MyBB.
I've used PHPBB3, Zetaboard, InvisionFree, Proboards, vBulletin and IPB.

I'm starting a new forum and giving MyBB a try. Smile
PHPBB3, InvisionFree, Proboards, vBulletin and IPB.

i kept changing the service provoiders but MyBB is best and since last one year i am using MyBB and satisfied
First I use punbb, but it was abit basic & there were not many themes. So I move to mybb because lots of themes for me to implement in my web design.
I been around long enough that I used the ORIGINAL BBS message system...

wwwboarrd! Old timers should know about that one...from Matt's Archives

Then I used UBB for a bit but was pretty happy with phpbb for a long time. Eventually it pissed me off and I tried VB. No good imho. So right now I am settled on Mybb. I am a bit sketchy on 1.4 but hopeful at least. I fear they are overcomplicating the software. I like my forum software clean and simple with the ability to easily extend. imho that's 1.2 for sure...but let's see how 1.4 goes once all the kinks are worked out.
I tried phpBB2, not satisfied with the features, I tried SMF.... I don't like its plugin system, I tried MyBB... and satisfied Big Grin
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