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Full Version: Referrals Required
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Hey everyone, I have been helping a friend out on his forum and there is one issue we found today. For some reason all members are required to have a referral to join? could any one please explain this?

The error seems to be in this line:
Quote:$validator_extra .= "\tregValidator.register('referrer', 'ajax', {url:'xmlhttp.php?action=username_exists', loading_message:'{$lang->js_validator_checking_referrer}'});\n";

because when it is commented out, you are able to register, it just will not warn you ahead of time if the referral is wrong. Also normally on my other forums, it will notice users when picking their names if the account is taken or not, but his does not.

Any help would be great as I have been looking for why this is happening for a while.