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Full Version: Historic Forums - Where posts become history
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[Image: title22.png]

Historic Forums is a brand new community that is based on general discussion. Opened to anyone and everyone who just wishes to relax and hang out with other members who want the same. I am not begging anyone to join, I am simply showing it off. If you care to join, I welcome all of you with open arms.

What we want:
  • Active members
  • Great ideas for improvement
  • Content

First 50 members who join and achieve 100 posts get the veteran award.

What do we offer?:
  • Custom theme
  • New forum atmosphere
  • Friendly staff

Preview of theme/forum
[Image: TQWTwGb.png]

Link: or click the logo above.

Please comment and tell me what you think. I am wanting ideas for improvement.

Thank you,
This is a great forum, I enjoy being on it.
I am also a member on it.

You guys should check it out ^.^

My name: Wolf
Nice thread and more helpful me. thanks
Very nice community here! Big Grin